About Thomas Kim

I have had the privilege of experiencing life on various continents. 

My journey began in Incheon, South Korea, where I was born. At the age of 7, my family (parents and sister) relocated to Indonesia, where we lived for several years before embarking on a new adventure to Auckland, New Zealand, famously known as the home of Lord of the Rings.

Afterward, I made my way to the scenic South Island of New Zealand, settling in the charming city of Dunedin, where I pursued and successfully completed my Bachelors's (with Honours), Masters's of Science, and ultimately, a Ph.D. My doctoral research was carried out at the Department of Anatomy and Center for Neuroendocrinology, under the expert guidance of Professor Christine Jasoni and Professor David Grattan.

Eager to further expand my horizons, I set my sights on the United States and undertook a postdoctoral position at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. During my time there, I had the privilege of collaborating with Professor Seth Blackshaw in the Department of Neuroscience. 

My postdoctoral research focused on three key areas:

Continuing my pursuit of scientific excellence, I relocated once more, this time to Aarhus, Denmark, where I established my own research laboratory.

My passion lies in unraveling the complexities of the brain and its intricate functions. Through my research, I aspire to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in neuroscience and make a positive impact on human health.